Edge Detection Robot Workshop for School Students

Edge Detection Robot
Academic Workshop Based Course
₹1599 – ₹3999 per student (includes 1 kit)

What is this workshop about?

Amazed by the school kid’s intuitiveness with mechanical systems? And you wish to offer training programs for the school kids? Yes, now you can help kids to build a edge detection robot using Arduino with this workshop at the school itself.

Edge detection robots also known as vision guided robots, are capable of detecting the edge/ corner of a platform and actuate accordingly. Through this school robotics project-based course, kids will learn to build his/ her very own edge detection robot that uses digital IR sensor to detect the surroundings and move accordingly to avoid falling. To ease school kid’s programming learning experience, the course is equipped with scratch based block programming modules that make programming the robot super easy.

Course Outcomes

  • Introduction to Robotics systems & Microcontroller
  • Introduction to Arduino Architecture
  • Understanding the Electronics involved in the robot
  • Digital IR sensors working & calibration
  • Programming the robot
  • Hands-on experience on block based programming on Arduino

Course Structure

  • Lecture Session – 3 hours
  • Fabrication Session – 6 hours
  • Programming Session – 4 hours
  • Testing Session – 1 hour

Topics Covered

  • Robotics: Concepts and Applications
  • DC Motors: Working and Control
  • Arduino & its programming
  • Fabrication of Edge Detection Robot
  • Scratch based block programming


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  • Certificate of Completion with Distinction (for top performers)

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