Fire Fighting Robot Workshop

Fire Fighting Robot Workshop
Academic Workshop Based Course
₹1599 – ₹3999 per student (includes 1 kit)

What is this workshop about?

Fire fighting robots also known as vision guided robots, are capable of detecting the fire and extinguishing it. Through this hands-on workshop, you will learn to build your very own fire fighting robot that uses digital IR sensors to detect the fire and move in that direction to put it off using a DC fan. To ease the programming learning experience, the course is also equipped with scratch based block programming modules that make programming the robot super easy even for beginners.

Course Outcomes

  • Introduction to Robotics systems & Microcontroller
  • Introduction to Arduino Architecture
  • Understanding the Electronics involved in the robot
  • Digital IR sensors working & calibration
  • Programming the robot
  • Understand Arduino Architecture and its Programming
  • Hands-on experience on block based programming on Arduino

Course Structure

  • Lecture Session – 3 hours
  • Fabrication Session – 6 hours
  • Programming Session – 4 hours
  • Testing Session – 1 hour

Topics Covered

  • Robotics: Concepts and Applications
  • DC Motors: Working and Control
  • Arduino Architecture & its programming
  • Fabrication of Fire Fighting Robot
  • Scratch based block programming
  • Calibration of IR sensors


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  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Completion with Distinction (for top performers)

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